Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find answers to our most frequently asked questions.

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All parents must create a FREE Rob Nickels Tennis Account where you will choose your own personal username and password. Once your account has been created you can register for After School Classes or Summer Tennis Camp.


Please watch the video below to see how to create your own “My Account” page.



My child could not attend a class because of rain or because Rob Nickels Tennis Inc. cancelled the class. Can I make-up this class?

Yes, Absolutely.

Your child can make up this class by attending the same group level class on a different day.  Please contact Rob Nickels Tennis Inc, to notify us on what day you would like to do your make-up class.  This ensures we can have the correct number of tennis coaches in the class. Cancelled classes cannot be switched for private or semi-private classes. No pro-rating of future or past payments will be made in lieu of make-up classes.


My child missed a class that was not cancelled Can I make-up this class?

Make-up classes cannot not be granted if your child is absent from a class that was not cancelled by Rob Nickels Tennis, Inc and/or The City of Parkland agents.

I need to pause OR CANCEL MY CHILD'S TENNIS CLASSES. What form do I need to submit so that the recurring payments can be paused / stopped?

We have very simple rules and policies regarding pausing or stopping the recurring payments. We require the online cancellation of contractual agreement form to be submitted. This form can be found in the After School Tennis Program Section of your “My Account” page. No other form of cancellation notification will be accepted.

As agreed to during the submission of your child’s registration form, we require 15 days advanced notice prior to your next monthly auto payment to stop the next payment from processing.  Cancellation forms submitted with less than 15 days prior to the next payment will result in one more payment being processed as normal. No refunds or credit can be granted if the 15 days’ prior notice has not been provided and classes can be attended as normal within this paid month.



What is your policy on refunds?

Here at Rob Nickels Tennis Inc, we try our hardest to make our rules and policies as simple as possible to understand as possible.

All our terms and policies regarding payments for tennis services are clearly explained when registering your child into the tennis program.  On the registration form, before being able to join our tennis program, it is mandatory for you to check the boxes to say that you have read our terms and policies and that you accept these terms and policies.

By clicking these terms and conditions boxes on the form, you have agreed that you will not dispute any payments that have processed, provided the transactions correspond to the terms indicated in the terms and policies that you have agreed to. There will be no refunds and no prorating of the monthly fees.


What is your policy regarding Private Tennis Classes?

If you have scheduled a private tennis class with any of the Rob Nickels Tennis Inc Pro Team, we do require 24 hours notice in order to cancel this scheduled class.  Cancellations received with less than 24 hours notice, will result in you being charged for the scheduled class.

Why Choose Rob Nickels Tennis?

At Rob Nickels Tennis Inc. we aim to provide you with the most professional service to all our tennis friends. Our Team of Tennis Professionals are the best in the area.  We care about your child and their tennis development.  The positive energy at the tennis courts is welcoming for all levels of players.

Please take a few moments to read the reviews below from our happy clients!

Rob is a Great Coach!!! My son Zach has been playing tennis with Rob since he was 4 years old!!! Zach is now 17 and in August heading off to college to play tennis!!! Thx Rob!
Lisa L.

Rob Nickels has been teaching my daughter, Sam for over 5 years both in a group setting as well as privates. The patience, perseverance, and dedication he has demonstrated with her has made her the great player that she is today. The bond between them can never be broken.
Rosy B.

Excelente profesional y mejor persona. Su amor por el tenis y los niños lo hace el major!
Martha P.

My children have been following coach Rob for 4 years! All the coaches are wonderful and very caring. My children love to come here and their skill improve everyday. Great, great place to join!
Ahn L.

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